▶️Creating the research campaign

1. Create a Research Campaign

Create a Research campaign by pressing ‘+ New Campaign’ at the top right of the dashboard screen

  • Give the campaign a name and objective (you can edit the objective later)

  • Choose the interviewer as your type of research

For Survey Campaigns

2. Setup Campaign Details

Specify the number of respondents you want to complete the survey with.

Screener question Create screener questions to qualify or disqualify participants based on their responses

Audience Toggle: Specify demographic attributes

If you are using the WhatsApp number to continually research the same participants, you can specify the demographics of the target audience you want to be able to access the research campaign.

Choose the demographics of the audience you’d like to target. These demographic attributes are connected to the attributes in the signup:

  1. Number of participants/respondents

  2. Country

  3. Age

  4. Gender

  5. Occupation

  6. Education

  7. Number Children

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