❓Scripting Survey Questions

Scripting Survey Questions

Similar interface to Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

Types of questions: Single-select and multi-select multiple-choice, Open text, image, video, or voice note

  • Open text: Any answer can be submitted in response to this question

  • Single-select: Participants must respond by clicking a button if answers are displayed as buttons.

  • For multi-select: a) Add this text to your question to show how they must answer: Select all that apply by giving the letters separated by a comma (e.g. a, c, d) b) Don’t use commas in Answer options. The data for multi-select answers comes back as a string in a single cell with the answers separated by a comma. Therefore, for Q16, you might have this answer: Essentials (such as food, housing, clothing), Leisure & entertainment (such as travel and media). This makes it very tricky for software to pick up which are separate answers and which are commas as part of answers. So, rather use a semicolon to separate list items.

  • Voice note

  • Image

β€˜Other’ question toggle, which automatically asks β€˜Which other/s?’ if the other toggle is selected

Logic: Can skip or jump participants to certain parts of the survey or flow using logic in single-select multiple-choice questions

Question Specifications:

Question Type rules

Only answers that match the question type specified will be accepted. I.e. voice note will not be accepted for image question type

Question text

A question or message sent to a respondent in the bot can't be more than 500 characters To explain something to a respondent (where you do not want it to be a question): Make it a Multiple Choice question and put 'Continue' or 'Understood' as the answer

Multiple choice

A multiple-choice option answer can't be more than 50 characters (Meta limit) 1-24 character multiple choice options appear as buttons

  • 1 - 3 options appear as buttons in the chat

  • 4 - 10 options appear in a burger menu show up as options when clicked

A question where 1 of the multiple choice options is 25-50 characters OR, if there are more than 10 answer options will appear with letters as the answer e.g. Option 1 is A, Option 2 is B etc

Multi-Select Multiple choice

Do not use commas in multi-select options as our system detects separate options by commas ❌

4. Launch

When you are finished, launch the survey onto the WhatsApp bot.

Give the email address of the person you’d like to receive the WhatsApp invite link.

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