šŸ”—Sharing Links to access research

This link can be distributed to participants through other channels (email, personal WhatsApp). If clicked, it will: Open the WhatsApp app to your number and pre-populate the text box with the passcode that, when sent, will kickstart the survey.


This is the phrase that the user will send to initiate the interview with the bot. Don't change the passcode since it is based on your campaign name


This guide details how to distribute survey or interview links to participants via Yazi's platform. Users can either share a direct link through various communication channels or send a template message to initiate the research activity.

These links only work for Survey or Diary Study campaigns. Setting up links for interviews is explained below

  1. Access the Link: Navigate to the Survey or Diary Campaign you wish to distribute. If the campaign is launched, you will see a link in the text box. Copy this or share using the below methods:

  2. Distribute the Link: You can share this link through any external communication channel:

    • Email: Send the link directly to participants' email addresses.

    • WhatsApp: Share the link in a private message to a WhatsApp contact.

    • Website/Adverts: Embed the link behind a call-to-action button on your website or in digital advertisements.

  3. Link Details: The shared link includes the WhatsApp number of Yazi and pre-populated text. When clicked, the user is redirected to WhatsApp, automatically sending the pre-populated text and guiding them to the research activity.

Interviews work a bit differently. Because the interview campaign uses OpenAI API credits ($), we do not allow anyone to access an interview until their number has been authenticated.

A participant's number is authenticated for a specific interview once you send a Template message to them. However, it is possible to allow participants to access the interview by sending a phrase to the number or, by clicking a link and sending the pre-populated message in the WhatsApp text box.

This is possible with the following steps:

Create a template message and follow these instructions in its configuration:

  1. Template name: Name it the Campaign title with the following changes.

    1. Make all letters lower case

    2. Convert spaces to underscores

    3. Example campaign name: 'Future of research' becomes 'future_of_research'

  2. Template body: Don't use any placeholders for personalisation. This is because when the participant messages the bot first, the only information it has is their number. I.e. don't leave placeholder for name etc.

  3. Create link in Meta: Once this has been approved, you can create a WhatsApp link with the Template name you just created. Navigate to the phone number you want to create it for in WhatsApp manager. Process shown below.

Creating link

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