Creating a Template message

Create and Submit a Template message

A WhatsApp template message is a pre-formatted message that can be used to send information or updates to a group of people quickly. It is a specific message format that companies can use to send standardised notifications, such as purchase confirmations, delivery alerts, etc. 56.

Steps to Create

  1. In the Template page or the Share tab within your research campaign, you can create a Template

  2. Click "Create Template" and specify the details:

  3. Give the template a Name (all lowercase, no numbers or characters)

  4. Select the Type of template you want to create. i) For survey invitations, select the Marketing type. ii) For payment notifications, select the Utility type.

  1. Select the Campaign you want it to be associated with

  2. Give it a Header

  3. Update the Body of the message. You can also add placeholders to your message body to personalise the message for each recipient.

  4. Once you have filled in all the details, you can click β€˜Create Template πŸš€β€™

Templates typically take 1 minute - 1 day to be approved.

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