Sending the template message

Steps to Send Template Messages

  • Upload CSV of Contact Numbers: Prepare a CSV file with contact details and other relevant information such as names, research objectives, and specific questions. Use the provided 'example csv' for correct formatting.

  • Configure Campaign Details:

    • Choose the campaign and specific template you wish to use.

    • Provide any additional information required for the message.

Example of a Generic Template Message

vbnetCopy codeHello {{1}} πŸ‘‹πŸ½,

We're doing research into {{2}}.

We're inviting you to participate in a WhatsApp interview for this research.

Interview Details:
⏰ Questions: {{3}}

Just press 'Start Interview' to begin.

Placeholder Guide:

  • {{1}}: Participant's name.

  • {{2}}: Topic of research.

  • {{3}}: Number of questions or interview details.

Best Practices

  • Test the Distribution: Before a wide-scale dispatch, test the link and template messages with a small group to ensure everything functions as intended.

  • Follow Up: After sending out invitations, consider sending follow-up messages or reminders to ensure a higher response rate.

  • Privacy and Compliance: Always ensure that your communications comply with data protection regulations and respect participant privacy.


  • Specify the Template message you want to send by choosing the Campaign you are inviting participants to complete

  • Press β€˜Launch campaign πŸš€β€™!

This is how the message will look to the participants you have sent it to.

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