API Setup

2. API Setup

2.1 Add phone number

  1. Click on “Add phone number” button in “Step 5: Add a phone number section”. Fill out your profile name and add the number: a) Add profile display name prescribed by Meta. Make sure it’s associated with your business’s actual name. If it is not associated, Meta is likely to reject it. For Research bots, we typically advise [business_name] + Research as your Display Name. See Display Name Guidelines article for more details. b) Choose a category and business Description c) Add number: Select country code and add a number to receive OTP via SMS or phone call to verify

  • Make sure you have the number ready to receive SMS or phone call

  • After adding your number, you might need to refresh the page if the number isn’t showing up

2.2 Setup Webhook

Go to the Configuration section and press the “Edit” button in the webhook card section

  1. Enter the Callback URL and Verify token (both of these keys will be provided to you by Yazi)

  2. Press the “Verify and Save” button (it will do a pink test and automatically save)

In the “Webhook fields” section directly below, press the “Manage” button

  • Click ALL TICKBOXES in the Subscribe column. This allows us to track and retrieve the data so make sure to tick every one!

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