This is a brief summary of the following steps you will be taking!

Step by Step Summary

  1. Get your Business manager verified and set up a new app in the Developer portal

  2. Add WhatsApp as a product in your new app in Developers portal

  3. Setup a number in section 5 of “API Setup” in the developers portal

  4. Add configuration keys - Callback URL and Verify token in the Configuration section

  5. In the “Webhook fields” section directly below, press the “Manage” button and click ALL the tickboxes in “Subscribe” column

  6. Add payment method in Meta Business Manager

  7. Generate System User token i. In Business Manager, create an Asset with “Manage App” under Full control

    ii. Generate token - Select “Never” for token expiration and tick the following boxes

    1. Business Management

    2. WhatsApp business messaging

    3. WhatsApp Business management

    iii. Copy token and send it to Yazi

  8. Copy the Phone number ID and WhatsApp Business Account ID in API setup in the developers Portal and send it to Yazi

  9. Toggle Developer mode to be on Live

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