System user token

4. System User token

You have now entered the identification that WhatsApp needs from our software system. Now, for our system to connect to your number, we need 3 items or identifiers from you. These are:

  1. System User token

  2. Phone number ID

  3. WhatsApp Business Account ID

4.1 Add System User if none existed

Head back to Business Manager to generate a system token from someone who is a System user:

Go to Users and click on “System Users” (you need to be an Admin user to do this)


  • If no System user exists, Press the “Add” button → Set system user role to Admin

  • Difference between the system user and regular user. System user doesn’t require a reset of the token after it expires because the system can be set up as permanent. If the system is compromised then you can revoke

4.2 Add Asset

Click “Add Assets” and a Modal will pop up. Navigate the following:

  1. Click the “Apps” page

  2. Select the app you just created

  3. Toggle “Manage App” under Full control to be on

  4. Press the “Save changes” button

4.3 Generate Token

  1. Click “Generate New Token”

  2. Select your App

  3. Select “Never” for token expiration

Tick the following boxes

  • Business Management

  • WhatsApp business messaging

  • WhatsApp Business management

When you've done this, Click the “Generate Token” button


  • This is the identifier that will be sent back to Yazi to configure the system to your personal account.

  • Once the code is generated, you can send it to Yazi to complete the configuration of your account Selecting Never for Token expiration means you don’t have to keep configuring new tokens

4.4 Access Token via Debugger

To copy or access the information about the token: Go to Access token page in Tools in the Facebook Developers portal

  1. Click “Debug” on the app you just created

  2. Copy the Debug code

Note: Also see all the information about the token

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