Get your business manager verified

Business Manager Verification in Meta Settings.

Now you will be eligible to verify your Facebook Business Manager. Verify your business Manager by uploading your company documents to prove that you are a legitimate company.Meta article about this here:

Verification docs

These documents should validate the legal name of your business and your business’s official mailing address or phone number

Accepted document types

The primary document types that are acceptable for business verification are as follows. Make sure these documents are not expired and are issued by the relevant authorities.

  • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation

  • Business Registration or License Document

  • Government Issued Business Tax Document: This could include a Tax Certificate. Self-filed tax documents are not accepted.

  • Business Bank Statement

  • Utility Bill: A utility bill is accepted only for Business Address and Phone number. The Legal Business Name must be on the utility bill. A utility bill is not an acceptable document for Legal Business Name verification

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